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Privet Banking Services

Housing Bank Bahrain Branch provides a wide variety of investment products and the private banking services to their clients

The Bank services provided include :

  • Buy and sell international stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options and structured products.
  • Providing credit facilities to clients against collateral security  in order to increase their investments in local and international stocks, investment funds, and other investment products.
  • Asset management by investing in various investment instruments such as global stocks, bonds and other marketing products.


Features of banking services provided:

  • The Housing Bank launches bank-specific products in coordination with other institutions in the region and other international banking institutions.
  • Housing Bank stays in contact with his clients to keep them updated of the markets and products, in addition to reviewing clients’ investments.
For further information

Please contact our Regional Management / Bahrain Branch at +973 17225227  Ext​.:808

or the Direct Telephone +973 17207002​ ​, or send us an Email at :